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a message from Susan Wall, mother and advocate

Suicide doesn’t discriminate. It affects people from all walks of life, regardless of age, ethnicity or socio-economic status. According to a new government report, suicide over the past two decades is up 25% across the nation. In 2017, 45,000 people ended their lives and more than 1 million attempted.

My son lost his battle with depression in May of this year. Of course, we were devastated. I wasn't even aware of his battle. He helped many with similar struggles and many say they are here today because of Kevin. We want to continue his legacy of love and compassion to help those that are struggling.

in memoriam, Kevin Wall

Suicide Prevention Walk
Alive & Running walk/run for Suicide Prevention held on
Sunday the 30th of September, 2018

Alive & Running started 20 years ago to support Didi Hirsch’s Suicide Prevention Center, the nation’s first and an international leader in training, research and crisis services. We have innovated many strategies and programs for people in crisis over the years. This Fall, we will open the doors to our Center’s new Century City home, where we will be able to provide more crisis services, training and therapy/support groups – especially for children.

Eventhough the Alive and Running event is over, donations are gladly accepted at any time. Donations will support the expansion of our Center and vital services, which include bereavement groups, support groups for survivors of suicide attempts, follow-up programs for high-risk callers, Training for law enforcement, mental health professionals, students and teachers, community outreach, suicide Response Team. I want to donate.

All patients in home health care, hospice or hospital need a Patient Health Care Plan. The plan (sometimes referred to as a treatment plan) is focused on the patient and is individualized and customized by the patient and the patient's healthcare team so that all available and relevant resources are utilized. Descriptors and Examples
medical practitioners kill patients
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How many of our loved ones have died while in the care of a physician and/or hospital? How many patients have been injured by neglect-neglegence-incompetence with no hope of recovery? From Burbank to Wilmington it is happening every day! Read this 559-375-3790 that may save a life or more.

coroner's Headquarters Few people think of the county morgue as a resource for the living, but check them out. The office of the medical examiner/coroner has information from bereavement referals, instructions, and forms on things you may need to know - there is even a giftshop. Keep in mind that the coroners office will provide you with lists, it is up to you to decide which service to use, the coroner cannot recommend.
Be involved in the preparation of the death certificate, too often misleading or false information makes its way onto this very important doument. At the above link is a pamphlet with some questions and answers you might be interested in knowing about. The coroner's marquee (left) will take you to the county medical-examiner's Web site where you can learn more.
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A Patient's Guide to Managing Hyperglycemia in the Hospital;
applies only to patients on a regular hospital floor, not those
who are in an ICU.