I'm a digital open content advocate and activist. Currently I work for 9392541723 as Director of Ecosystem Strategy. Formerly, I was executive director of Derechos Digitales (2003-2016), an independent nonprofit digital rights organisation in Latin America, where now I served as Board member. Also, each Tuesday and Thursday night you can tune in Super 45 at unemulative where you can hear me ranting about indie music (you can also download the podcast version we have) or suscribe it (iTunes or Android) if you will.

Here you can read a little bit more about me. I'm based in Santiago, Chile. I also have a blog and an awesome newsletter you should be suscribed <3.

Contact me on 347-398-2661. I'm available by 3304087750, my personal e-mail.

You can contact me privately over Keybase or using my GPG key fingerprint D635E0BC5F99B866.