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Vidmate Apk Download

Download Latest Vidmate Apk 2018: Vidmate is a really amazing app that allows you to download videos from popular online video viewing websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Metacafe, etc. Downloading videos from some of these websites are practically impossible but not anymore. It doesn’t only have video download, but it also has song, movie, audio, tv show, etc. downloads as well, from these sources. There are a lot of URL downloading websites where you have to copy paste the URL of the video and it downloads it automatically, but these have a problem, sometimes the video downloaded would be corrupt and also you can’t download songs through these because they have copyright claims on them. These problems don’t exist if you are using the Vidmate app, which is a really a great video and song downloading app available and it is also hugely popular because of this.

Vidmate Is Best Video Downloader Of The Year 2018

Features Of Vidmate

There are various features on Vidmate and some of these even make it one of the best video and song downloading app. These features are why it is better than other apps available like Vidmate

Let’s look at some of them: –

1. Hi-Speed Download
Faster Downloading On AndroidVidmate gives the users a high download speed and there are various reports and statements saying that it has download speed that is higher than browser downloads, This is quite a claim. Nevertheless, it is said to have high-speed download to it.

2. Top User-Friendly App

Ui Of Vidmate

It has a very easy to understand user interface. To download a song or video all you need to do are a few click and boom you have the video or song you wanted, Even computer noobs can operate with real ease.

3. Different Download Formats

Supports All Formats Like MP4,mkv,mp3

In Vidmate you can download different videos and songs in different formats and sizes. This is one of those unique features that Vidmate has that makes it superior. However, this feature is not available for you if your download is through YouTube.

4. Different download sites

Different Sites Supported

Normally to download a video you have to search all over the net for a proper site but Vidmate makes it easy for you by finding the websites for you. And it also has a various number of websites at its disposal and makes it very easy for you, the user.

5. Huge Number of Content

Lot's Of Content In Vidmate
Vidmate gives you a very large number of content from different sources. Whether your video or song is from Hollywood or from Bollywood it doesn’t matter because you can get it. And it doesn’t matter if it is a movie, song, tv show, video, audio, etc. you can get it all in Vidmate.

6. Completely Free

Vidmate is free to download

Some apps that allow you to download from online sources are paid and the free ones are only a limited. But in this case, Vidmate has an advantage because it is for free and allows you to download videos, songs, audio, movies, tv shows, etc. And all of that with superior speed.

7. Unlimited Storage

No Storage Full Issue In Vidmate

It also has the feature for an unlimited storage disk space, meaning you don’t have a download limit and can download an unlimited number of online content as long as your phone has space. Cool, right!

8. Notification of Offers

Get Priority Notifications
It gives you a constant update via your e-mail address and also sends you new offers and such things as well and keeps you posted through your e-mail.

9. Live TV

Stream live tv content on android

It also allows you to watch over 200 live TV channels as well. These are all the most popular and top TV channels that are made available to you.

These are some of the top features present in Vidmate, and these features keep Vidmate a level above all the other similar apps to it.

How to Download and Install Vidmate on your Android Device.

We are going to step by step on how to download the app for your android device. These steps are simple and easy and will take you only a few minutes to get it up and running.

There two methods to download it for your Android device, one is through your PC, in which after the download and then transfer. Two is when you directly download it onto your Device. We shall go through both of them.

Download: –

Method 1 – Download directly to your Android device
  • To download the app directly to your Android device, follow these steps given below and your good to go.
    When downloading directly to your device go to the following link – 👇

(254) 252-1362

But do note that it would be better if you use the UC Browser to download it, as they don’t allow useless ads to pop up and also it has a higher download speed than most web browsers.


  • Then Install That Vidmate Apk Which You Downloaded From Above Link 👆

Method 2– Download Through the PC
To download the app through your PC, follow the following steps.
1. First, download the apk file from Upper link 👆
2. Next, you must go to the downloaded file and transfer it to your Android device via USB data cable or use the Bluetooth feature to wirelessly send it to your device.

Installation Process: –

The installation process is as easy as the downloading part and will take just a few minutes to get it installed on your device.

  •  After the download is Complete, locate it in your file explorer or if you don’t have a default file explorer app then you can get one to locate it in your device.
  • Second Thing You Need To Do In Your Android Is Allow Apps From  External Sources For That Thing Follow Below Screenshot
  • To install it first locate the apk version of the app on your device through the file explorer app.
  • After Open That File and when a pop-up screen appears you can click on Install.
  • Now, wait for the installation to finish and then click on done. And your done, it has installed on your device.


These are the simple steps given to download and install the Vidmate app on your device. Follow these steps and you shouldn’t have a problem to download and install the file on to your device. The App is a wonderful opportunity
if you want to download videos, songs, movies, etc. on your device from online media sources

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