We’ll keep your brand and logo clean.
We know a thing or two about truck washing and clean water.

Automatic Truck Wash Equipment Manufacturer,
Facilities Operator & Service Provider

No chemicals or pollutants are introduced to the environemnt,
which means lily pads and healthy frogs can be found outside truck washes
Our waste water is 99% reclaimed as for the other 1%, well you can ask the frogs.

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Large Vehicle Wash Systems keep your fleet clean without getting your hands dirty

At RRW, we know that your trucks and vehicles are the moving image of your brand – and that brand image needs to be clean and professional. We also know that time spent washing trucks and maintaining truck wash equipment adds nothing to your bottom line. So how do you keep your fleet clean without the headaches and hassle?

Easy – let RRW handle it for you. We keep things simple to minimize repairs, eliminate wash-related damage, and get your vehicles out of the wash and back on the road as quickly as possible. Our "no problem" business model means maintenance and repairs are our problem, not yours. And because you pay for results, not chemicals or repairs, your costs are more predictable.

  • Ready-To-Operate Equipment Warranty
  • Regular Maintenance and Repairs Included in Per-Wash Costs
  • ZERO Wash-Related Equipment Damage
  • Effective, Environmentally Friendly Wash Chemistry


Our commitment to you is, that we will keep your large vehicle wash facility in "ready to operate" condition as long as you trust us to maintain it. Our goal is to keep your fleet clean while minimizing the time spent by your staff, so they can focus on the things that bring your company revenue.


Simple, basic, and well-constructed. We don't use complicated bells and whistles that add to your repair bills without resulting in a noticeably cleaner truck.

Key to success:
We innovate.

Our years of experience have allowed us to refine the best practices that maximize customer satisfaction.

Therefore, we created a sophisticated monitoring system for all our washing units, so we can have an overall picture of what is happening at each location.

This allows us to solve issues faster and more precisely. Some actions are even automated.


RRW Engineering manufactures, integrates, and operates high-volume, hub-based automatic truck washing facilities nationwide. Founder Reed Williams operates the company with a simple premise: keeping your fleet vehicles clean shouldn't be so hard.

Products & Services We keep your brand clean

RRW Engineering offers a complete line of Large Vehicle Wash products and services - and all of our products are Made in the U.S.A. We offer:

  • Ready-To-Operate Equipment Warranty
  • Regular Maintenance and Repairs Included in Per-Wash Costs
  • ZERO Wash-Related Equipment Damage
  • Effective, Environmentally Friendly Wash Chemistry

COMPLETE WASHING SYSTEMS & INDIVIDUAL MODULES RRW can manufacture the complete washing system or provide individual modules to retrofit into your existing system. Our simple, reliable wash systems are built according to our unique manufacturing philosophy to keep your fleet clean with high efficiency and little or no downtime.

  • High utilization thru-put
  • Rapid cycle times
  • High horsepower
  • Fully automatic, web-reporting system controls
  • Automatic/unattended, 24/7 operation
  • Intuitive design and operation spans the language barrier
  • Uniquely effective and environmentally friendly chemistry

AUTOMATED CONTROLS Our fully-featured, automated control systems are the best in the industry. We utilize the very latest software and technology

  • 200 Horsepower
  • Fully adaptable to future requirements
  • Web interface to RRW operating platform

BRUSH MACHINES Our brush machines use the best materials to minimize damage and maximize wash efficiency.

  • Non-articulated
  • Hollow filament
  • Hot-dipped, galvanized
  • Higher horsepower

RINSE & CHEMICAL APPLICATION Our rinse and chemical application systems use quality materials from world-leading manufacturers and include built-in redundancies to maximize performance and uptime.

  • High-performance, multiple-pump setups
  • Higher horsepower
  • Minimum water usage delivering maximum impingement

WATER RECLAMATION We build our water reclamation systems with performance in mind, and can tailor our systems to your site requirements.

  • “Walk up and observe” operation

SLAB HEATING can be installed to prevent ice build-up at new or existing facilities.

  • Project management of associated contractors
  • Retro-fits for existing facilities

RRW was founded on the basic principal that what is good for our company should be good for yours, too. This basic insight has resulted in a unique operations model that puts the responsibility for results on us. We don't just build wash facilities - we build long-term relationships that allow you to stay focused on revenue-generating activities while we handle the dirty work.