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DSquared-Media offers premier search marketing management services that are designed to give your company’s ROI a boost. Contact us today to learn more.

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We help develop and promote new content for the sole purpose of getting your information shared across networks and increase awareness.

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Building an app is not enough. People need to download and use it! We help make it happen by optimizing your app to appear in app store search results.


DSquared-Media has done amazing things for our business. They have increased the number of people finding and calling us from the internet, and has completely helped us revolutionize our online marketing strategy. I cannot recommend them enough!
— Angie, HBTI

Today’s new media requires a new type of agency to manage it. Audiences are reading news on the web, checking in with apps, and mixing personal and professional business together on social networks. When marketing can be tuned out with a simple click, the marketer must work harder to gain the attention of the user in ways that respect their privacy, but still introduce them to products and services that will benefit them, their friends, or their social network.

DSquared-Media uses any channel to reach your target audience in ways that are responsible, respectable, efficient, and effective. We don’t shout your message to everyone and anyone who will listen. Instead, we engage with the listener to see how they react to each part of the message, and fine-tune the delivery to tell the best possible version each time. She may want to hear it through her own research, or through her friends, but one thing is for certain: when the message speaks their language, she will not only listen, she will be engaged and ready to act.

Let DSquared-Media share your message. We’ll help you write it, craft it, and deliver it to the world. Click by click, app by app, one newsfeed “like” at a time. We’ll then analyze the results to figure out what works and what doesn’t, and then revise the story to resonate even better the next time.