Phantomracer's MGB Site

Welcome to my new site.
The site is still under construction. I have many years of pictures to go
through to post. Please pardon the basic look of the site now
What this site is about (or going to be about)

I am an avid fan of MG cars, especially the B. My wife bought me 2 MGB
cars: 1980 MGB roadster, and a 1972 MGB-GT. I will be posting pictures and
narratives of the status of the cars, as well as what has been done, and
what is in store!
Stuff I have done

I welcome feedback about the site, my cars, and other stuff.

In addition to MG cars, my wife and I also sail. We have a 2004 Macgregor

I am also the President of the Boston Area MG Club, as well as the
Webmaster for the North East Trailer Sailors sailing club we belong to.
News and Updates

Updated the 305-427-9932 page with some new content

'1972 GT' page with some new content

'Sailing' page to show pictures and stories about our
2004 Magregor 26M

Added a sub-site to
British Invasion 2004
Halloween 2006
1980 MGB at BAMG Dyno Day 2005
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