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Website monitoring
Do not let your clients be first to know about problems


Tracking errors on the site
Checking download speed
No need to install
The reaction time is from 3 to 10 minutes
Sending notifications by Telegram and e-mail
Flexible customize notifications
User-friendly interface
Managing via mobile device
Providing total control

What is

The website is the main source of clients for your business. It is 100% true for e-commerce, 80% true for mass services and 60% — for small b2b companies. “The word of mouth” may work effectively, but it is no good when your potential client cannot open your website.

Web search engines also immediately react to the problems with the access to a site. Only imagine: a website has dropped down, and right at that time comes Google robot. Say goodbye to the money that has being invested in SEO for the last 6 months. Or you give a context advertising while the site is down, or…

We have developed a special tool, which will make you leave behind any worries about your internet-projects. It is you, not your clients, who will be the first to notice problems with the access to your websites. incessantly checks sites to find out critical errors, analyzes the download speed and the integrity of contents. And, of course, informs you about them right away.

Hence, you will be able to instantly discover all possible errors and promptly appeal to the Technical Support.

We monitor your website


The system will inform you about an error on the site during the period from 3 to 10 minutes


The efficiency of the system has been tested by hundreds of satisfied clients and by a great extent of time

Search algorithm

We have developed our own special algorithms of error checking


Under at first sight simple interface hides a complicated internal organization

All of these — is a website monitoring service

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How does it work?

1 First, you log your site in the system
2 Then, the service repeatedly checks your site to determine if there are any errors
3 In case of an error it sends a notification

Customer feedback

We thought that using popular services of web-analytics would completely solve the problem of monitoring the site. But only until we found out that during 15 minutes at a rush-hour we spent 12 000 rubles on the traffic, which led to a dropped down site. is much more effective.
We are often published in Mass Media and sometimes the traffic stream from such websites makes our server collapse. On the other side, we do not usually have many clients to keep a cluster. reacts to the deceleration of the page loading and provides time for the power increase.
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