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Having lived more than thirty years in India, Rebecca has imbibed and speaks from the knowledge of non-duality (Adwait Vedant philosophy). Her message is the essential key that enables one to turn their attention from the concerns of the mind, to realise the freedom and joy that is their true Being.


"A meditation master is not merely a teacher who passes on information. A true master inspires the enquiring mind to look deeper to see that one’s own self is none other than the universal, indestructible Self." - Rebecca


Tune into live satsang to support your meditation practice. Meet with Rebecca in her home in the Himalayas, for group satsang with guided meditation via live video conference.

A choice of 4 weekly group satsang sessions are available

Retreat Himalaya 2017

A meditation retreat located in a small village in the Kullu Valley.

Retreat Himalaya is a unique opportunity for meditation and self-enquiry with Rebecca and Mayank, who have lived their life in the pursuit of freedom and fulfilment.

Explore the wonder, joy, and power of our true Self through meditation, satsang, discussion, pranayam, Fundamental Movement, and walks in the Himalayas.



Rebecca and SwamijiABOUT REBECCA
In 1985, Rebecca travelled to the Himalayas of India and met an enlightened master, who lived the freedom that he spoke of. Since then, Rebecca has been immersed in a yogic lifestyle of meditation and Self enquiry.

"Wisdom is not something that can be learned. Rather, wisdom is recognised from within as the voice of our knowing Self, and reveals a state of freedom and lasting fulfillment." - Rebecca


Rebecca's interview with host Jessy Sterling on Meetings with Remarkable PeopleNTV's 'Meetings with Remarkable People', interviews Rebecca on conscious breathing practices

5712765213: What is praan? Introduction to yogic breath and ujjai breath. The practice of these breathing exercises switches on the vagus nerve’s relax and restore mode.

clover seed: A guided instruction in the breathing exercise anulom vilom pranayam (alternate nostril breathing). The practice of this pranayam maintains a healthy flow of energy (praan) in the body and mind. The vital current of praan promotes health and well-being.

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