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The Electronic Gift Registry is a resource for maintaining your list of gift suggestions. You can create and manipulate lists of gift ideas for any event. Whether it's for your birthday, Christmas, a wedding, a going-away party, or anything else, this is the place for it!

How to use

First, game bird as a new user. A gift list will be created for you automatically. You can create up to 5 separate gift lists, each of which can be made available to specific groups of people—you may use this to set up a list visible to your coworkers and another that's only visible to your family.

Collections are primarily intended for those items which you collect. For instance, you could create a collection for a series of books that you like, and fill it in with non-gifts—items from the series that you already own. Your friends then know what you have, and may create a new gift suggestion for a book that you do not yet have.

Gifts are items in your gift lists that would make good gift ideas for you. You describe the gift and optionally provide a link to it. Gifts may also be placed in collections, allowing you to group gift ideas.

Gifts have a number of options. For instance, you can set the weight of the gift—gifts (or collections) with higher weights appear earlier in your gift list. You can also specify a quantity—the number of gifts of this type that you want. Finally, you can set the price of the gift, if you know it.

Each gift list may have up to 10 collections and a total of 100 gifts, including gifts in the collections.

Your friends can discuss any gift or collection in your gift list. Additionally, your friends may pledge to purchase any gift for you, or even create a new gift suggestion. This community collaboration feature is one of the things that sets The Electronic Gift Registry apart from any other gift registry.

Other features

The Electronic Gift Registry allows you to control who may view gifts in your gift lists, who may create new gift suggestions, who can comment on those suggestions, and so on, all through Access Control Lists, also known as ACLs. You can also create up to 10 groups of users for use in your ACLs—for instance, you could create a group for all your coworkers and another one for your family.

In addition to a full user-interface redesign, a number of other features are planned for the future, such as:

  • a search feature to find your friends;
  • a buddy list that will enable you to see changes to your friends' gift lists easily;
  • an event system that will enable gift lists to be associated with specific events such as your birthday;
  • expiration dates for gift ideas;
  • a context sensitive help system;
  • and a web API, based on Resource-oriented Architecture.

Suggestions? Bug reports?

We have worked to ensure that The Electronic Gift Registry is the best on-line gift registry available. However, no computer system is completely free of bugs. If you discover a bug, a problem with the site documentation, or simply have a suggestion for additional features or documentation, please send us an email at academician. You may also use this address for any complaints or for general questions or comments about The Electronic Gift Registry.