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    Our 4 leg lifting chains are at the highest end of our sling range; they are extremely durable, superbly hard-wearing, and have a higher weight capacity than any other chain sling we sell.

    To purchase your 4 leg chain sling, please choose from the options below. If you need a higher-capacity chain sling, or if you have other specific requirements to discuss, please contact as.

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    Adjustable beam trolley 1000 – 10000kg

    Adjustable to fit various beam widths

    Solid carbon steel design

    Trolley wheels fit both I-Beams and H-Beams

    Trolley wheels are parkerized for corrosion resistance

    High quality closed bearings provide smooth traversing

    Eye suspension plate to hang Hook from manual/electric Hoist

    Trolleys include Anti-drop plates

    350.00 315.00 exc. VAT
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    Cargo bar

    • Keep trailer contents in place — eliminate damaged goods
    • Simple mechanical lock – will not vibrate loose

    During transport, keep trailer contents securely in place with these easy to use Cargo Bars.

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    Cargo edge protector

    • Constructed of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) for strength and durability
    • Used to protect cargo from being crushed by straps and webbing from abrasion
    • Spreads strap tension over the length of the edge protector to help reduce strap pressure on your cargo
    • More durable than wood and greater memory than aluminum
    • Weather and UV resistant
    • Can be used in temperatures down to -30˚ F
    • Made from recycled materials

    Available in BLACK only!

    2.15 exc. VAT
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    Chain binder

    • Ratchet load binder
    • Suitable for 10 – 13mm G8 chain
    • Drop forget steel
    • Heat treated for extra strength
    • Fitted with grab hooks for easy connection
    • Quality ratchet mechanism
    • Handle Length 355mm
    • Take Up / Adjustment 203mm
    • 12 Months Warranty
    59.00 55.00 exc. VAT
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    Lift Heights 3mtr – 30mtr.

    Heavy duty model, industrial quality.
    Lightweight and compact.
    Large opening swivel, latch hooks wit heavy duty cast catch.
    Double fall high tensile quality load chain.
    Zinc plated hand chain.
    Captive bearings on load wheel.
    LiftinGear chainblocks are supplied to many of the leading lifting rental companies.
    Fully tested and certified.

    72.00 exc. VAT
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    Extra Heavy Duty Aluminum Beam for 102-Inch Trailers

    Decking/Vertical Rating: 4,000 lbs./1,814 kgs. Working load limit based on evenly distributed load.

    Shoring/Horizontal Rating: 3,000 lbs./1,360 kgs. Working load limit based on evenly distributed load.

    Adjustment Range: 92.9 inches to 102.6 inches for 96-inch and 102-inch trailers

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    ●48V large capacity maintenance-free lithium battery, long working time around 6hours.

    ●The charging time only needs 3 hours.

    ●10 seconds replacement of the battery(two groups exchanged battery can be used for 24 hours of continuous work).

    ●Brushless motor, maintenance-free, high efficiency.

    ●Stepless speed, smooth speed changing.

    ●Small and beautiful, flexible steering, which can successfully enter the narrow space, such as elevators, small super market.

    1,650.00 1,500.00 exc. VAT
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    Electric Pallet Truck BFE 15W-E

    The Mini type with same size as hand pallet truck widely used in narrow aisle workshop, supermarket & cargo containers.


    2,500.00 exc. VAT
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    Electric stacionary lift table 1000kg 820x1300mm

    ■ Heavy Duty Design
    ■ HW series lift tables meet EN norm and ANSI/ASME safety standards.
    ■ These models can be used in above-floor or in-floor pit applications.
    Standard Safety Features
    ■ Upper platform lifted with aluminum safety bar preventing descent on contact with obstructions.
    ■ Low-tention(24V) control box with up-down buttons.
    ■ Internal power pack equipped with relief valve against overloading and compensated flow valve for controlled lowering speed.
    ■ Heavy duty cylinders with drainage system and check valve to stop the lift table lowering in case of hose burst.
    ■ Safety clearance between scissors to prevent trapping during operation.

    Other Standard Features

    ■ Self lubricating bushings on pivot points.
    ■ Removable lifting eye to facilitable handling and lift table installation.
    ■ High quality AC power packs are made in Europe.
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    ● Back cover is integrated type design , easy to assemble and maintain.
    ● Use GEL battery free to maintain.
    ● Built in charger easy to access to power supply.
    ● Low gravity design , 4 point design , improve the trucks stability.
    ● This drive unit have small turning , the motor and brake is very easy to replace.
    ● Compact design and small dimensions , offer excellent visibility.
    ● The turning radius and aisle width is very small and which is similar with manual stacker.

    3,000.00 exc. VAT
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    Flat webbing sling 1000kg

    • Low weight, therefore offering easy handling
    • Protection against hand injuries
    • Reinforced becket eye
    • Protection against cargo surface damage
    • Highly flexible and adaptable to given shapes
    • UV-resistant, eliminating material ageing or brittlement
    • Heat resistant up to 100°C
    • Water – resistant fabric, preventing frost damage (down to -40°C)
    • Colour coded as per latest EN standard
    • Soft sewn eyes (Flat, Becket or Reverse eyes)
    • Low elongation
    2.5020.00 exc. VAT Brand: