A woman who cares about models of dresses to go to church knows that she can not be any model, because after all, the church is a place of respect and reverence, where we will be disposed to the presence of God, and to this one who is our Creator and Father, owe all honor and glory, all that is best.

Our body is the temple

But choosing the right clothes is not always so easy, because you have to choose the clothes according to the occasion. Avoiding short models is one of the requirements to be well dressed. Just as it is also important to avoid necklines, in fact, these should be well behaved. Models should also be free of cracks, transparencies in strategic places that provoke sensuality, and should not be short.

Dressed in modern models and summer colors, the first in a color tone of jeans, three-quarters sleeves with V-deocote combined with a thick golden belt to adjust the waist, the second is already a more formal model, also with sleeves three quarters combined with a thinner ribbon and a more vibrant color, and the other two models are more casual, for day-to-day events.

This dress model is perfect to wear to church, with a length a little below the knee, without many details, just decorated with little bows above the chest, with sleeves and high collar, and combined with this beautiful color green water.


Feminine and versatile, the dress appears in countless models, which can become more or less popular according to seasons and trends. A great advantage of this piece is to facilitate the time of production, since few items are necessary to finish it.

However, despite the practicality, there are some factors that should be taken into consideration before putting on a dress look. “Everything depends on the fabric and the stamp,” warns image consultant Fê Bastos. “Plain longs are the most traditional for parties while the prints tend to make the look less formal,” he says.

From this, it is also worth knowing the characteristics of the most popular dress models and how they are often used in casual and formal productions.

For those who like to wear dresses even on occasions that do not demand so much formality or rigor in clothing, there are some models more bare and light, suitable for more everyday moments that can be explored by people of different styles and tastes from combinations of accessories and shoes.


What model are you planning to wear? Check out a selection of dresses that have made a success on the red carpet and learn the best way to wear them. It has black and white, tubing, total white, crevice, it will take that fall and more!

Wide skirt

Drama is the watchword. Get inspired in the golden era of Hollywood and do not be afraid to dare on the diameter of the skirt. To update the look, invest in the mid-length. Nicole Kidman, Sonam Kapoor and Julianne Moore have already chosen their outfits. 

Fashion tip: The super feminina modeling demands elegant shoes. In time: if the dress is max, the jewels should be mini. Small earrings or a simple necklace give the message.

Want to shine like a movie star? Invest in a long one with embroidery, sequins and even silver threads. Naomi Harris was sure to fall, Paz Vega left the sexiest party look with a seamless mesh and Freida Pinto became a true diva with slit and applications on the bodice. 

Fashion tip: As the fabric is loaded with information, dispense wide skirts and invest in the latest modeling. The key is to balance.


By studying fashionable blouses in 2018, you can monitor some trends in this area. We have identified three main areas that the designers have chosen to create the latest collections.

Maximum transparency of fabrics is the first trend. Of course, one can not say anything new, and in the past collections one could observe the things of this execution, which were emphasized by contrasting retro dresses.

However, the blouses have become almost invisible on the body of the model. The transparent fabric is taken as a basis, against the background of which there are intricate designs, similar to the illustrations of fairy tales.

Trendy proposals by designers

Valentino and McQueen have created real transparent masterpieces with large floral and animal prints. At the same time, these fashionable blouses in 2018 can not be called too loose or vulgar. Rather, it seems like a kind of drawings on the body. The woman therefore does not act as a sexual object, but as a canvas to draw a masterpiece.