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Frank Lively, Founding Editor of Texas Highways, Dies at 90

Today we received news that Frank Lively, the founding editor of Texas Highways, passed away on Sunday, Nov. 18, at age 90. Frank began working…
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Holiday-Themed Pop-Up Concept Coming to Texas Bars

While most of us might be too old to sit on Santa’s lap, that doesn’t mean we’ve outgrown holiday merriment. For a warm glow within…
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Bayou Bend a Hidden Treasure from Houston’s Past

Bayou Bend stands apart in Houston’s famously non-zoned cityscape. The pink stucco mansion and estate—now known as Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens—sprawls across 14 acres…
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Former First Lady Laura Bush Takes Us on a Tour of Her Prairie Chapel Flower Garden

On a warm summer morning, former First Lady Laura Bush walked among the butterflies in the garden behind her dogtrot-style vacation house on Prairie Chapel…
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At Paisano Ranch, the Spirit of J. Frank Dobie—and the Muses—Abide

My personal slice of Texas paradise lies 14 miles southwest of Austin, tucked into the idyllic canyon that cradles an immaculate stretch of Barton Creek.…
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Sarah Bird’s New Historical Novel Is Wild as an Acre of Snakes

In the debut of Texas Highways’ new monthly essay, Open Road, novelist Sarah Bird writes about walking the trails of J. Frank Dobie’s Paisano Ranch…
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This South Texas Olive Orchard Feels Like a Mediterranean Oasis

When most people travel, they might come home with photos and a souvenir T-shirt, or maybe some housewares or local art. Saundra Winokur brought back…
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The Daytripper’s Top 5 Things to Do in Bellville

There’s something special about small towns and the folks who live there. You can do things in the country that aren’t possible in the big…
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Executive Chef Gerard Thompson Embraces Biscuits and Frito Pie at the Lauded Rough Creek Lodge

Gerard Thompson wields a large, sharp knife with one hand and carries a wooden stand holding a cured hog’s leg in the other. He moves…
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Home on the Texas Range, Where the Longhorns and Bison Play

An up-close visit with a Longhorn or bison can be humbling. The animals’ large chestnut-brown eyes reveal a complex blend of wild animal and domesticated…
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Explore San Felipe with the Town Mayor, a Descendant of a Slave from the Days of Stephen F. Austin’s First Colony

San Felipe, the hub of Stephen F. Austin’s original colony, may be the most historically significant Texas town you’ve never heard of. But that’s understandable:…
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Texas History and Pride Combine in Gonzales

When you’re known as “the birthplace of Texas freedom,” you have a lot to live up to. Gonzales doesn’t disappoint, celebrating its past like Austin…
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Travel Is About Allowing Ourselves the Freedom to Live in the Moment

My clearest memories of travel from my childhood tend to recall the simple moments. The start of vacation was always the same—my dad carrying me…
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Need to Recenter? Try the Silent Treatment

“Hi! My name is Kimya. I’m being silent. Thank you for understanding.” The note, jotted on a sheet of paper, was my way of explaining…
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Where to See Spectacular Monarch Migrations Along the Coast

Early one morning on Trinity Bay, the autumn sky began to glisten. Myriad monarchs unfurled in clouds from the shoreline, fluttering overhead, some landing on…
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18 Places to Go in Texas in 2018

From El Paso to Galveston, uncover our top 18 travel must-dos for 2018.
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