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Ashworths Supply to Commercial and Domestic Customers
Commerical Beds available for Hotels and Nursing Homes

Back Care

  • Superior 12.5g Bonnel Spring
  • Reversible 12" Mattress with Luxurious Fillings
  • Quilted Divan Base with Link Bars

(309) 607-0293

Latex and Memory Collection  

  • Bonnell & Pocket Springs
  • Various Foam Levels
  • Luxurious Fillings
  • Matching Borders and Bases Available


Pocket Collection

  • Various Pocket Spring Options
  • Layers of Wool
  • Side Simulated Hand Stitching
  • Viscose Cotton Damask Fabric
  • Reversible Mattress 
  • Matching Divan Base with Link Bars



Sleep Saver Collection


  • Bonnell Spring
  • Reversible Mattress
  • Luxury Fillings
  • Option of Quilted Mattress
  • Waterproof PVC (Suitable for nursing homes)

If you find the same product "like for like" at a lower price Ashworths will refund the difference


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