Healing Our Village

What we are

HOV provides innovative educational programming to underserved populations nationwide, Caribbean and Africa. Healing Our Village (HOV) has touched over 20,000 minority patients over the past 10 years. Here in the U.S. With Health Centers located in Jonesboro Georgia and Washington DC, we focus on health disparities and behavioral change. Most recently, HOV has added a Digital Health Learning Center (DHLC) at the Jonesboro Georgia location. We now have Village Talk Radio, discussing health topics (i.e. Diabetes, Weight Loss, Hypertension, PTSD, ADHD, Breast Cancer, Erectile Dysfunction) as well as Recycling Black Dollars and Criminal Injustice). At the DHLC we provide both live and pre-taped programming for Diabetes Management, Prediabetes, Asthma and Breast Cancer.

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