Buy and sell apps for bitcoin

General Introduction

Core Services

App Sales Listings

Buy and sell digital goods using Bitcoin and Altcoins.

App Portfolios

App portfolio markets backed by apps royalties.

Trade BitAssets

Trade portfolio tokens and altcoins on Apptrade's DEX.

App Sales Listings

App Portfoliios
Collaborative Funding
Apptrade bundles and sells royalties in a process known as factoring.
Through the factoring process, future app income can be exchanged for working capital now.
No equity. No interest. Only royalties.
Anatomy of an App Portfolio
App Portfolio Benefits

- Pool resources with other developers to grow the value of your apps.

- Enhance your app's debut by cross-marketing with other publishers.

- Share in the potential success of apps from your portfolio

Of app developers don't set aside enough funds to market their apps.
App portfolios are a hub of resources and new links to brand extensions.

Multi-Asset Trading

The third core service platform is a powerful decentralized exchange fully driven by the Bitshares Blockchain.
Trade Bitcoin and portfolio tokens on a fast growing protocal already handing more operations per second than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined.*
Buy back and Burns.

See value In Action.

- No 3rd parties present, engage directly with other participants.

- All order book functions are processed on chain.

- Low cost, high efficiency