Welcome to JanetBurroughs.com

Welcome to my website. Yes, I am a technical specialist and developer but this location does not sell any products or services. While many people use online chats rooms to share information about themselves, I prefer the old fashioned method of sharing my likes and hobbies via a website.



You are welcome to browse any information here and send me an email with comments and suggestions.

NOTE: This is a new website under development !!! - please excuse my mess


My Profession (BSCS, OCP)

  • Administration, Upgrade and technical support for of Hyperion V11
  • Linux / PHP / Mysql design and some web development
  • Provide Basic Hosting packages for small web sites

Favorite Activities and Hobbies

  1. Family
  2. Family
  3. Did I emphasize family enough?
  4. Dog sports
  5. Camping
  6. Bike riding (scooters)
  7. Antiques


Why have a personal site? - because what you do is not necessarily who you are. In the past, this location has been used for sales or to promote business, but today I keep it just to share my ideas and hobbies. What hobbies do you have? Do you ever share them?

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