Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic offers you access to a wealth of international angel funding opportunities, vetted by business experts with local first hand knowledge of every investment.


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rob at ATI graduation 2012“Keiretsu Forum takes a disciplined and comprehensive approach to deal screening and due diligence for their investors. Their process allows companies to access a large group of sophisticated investors, while allowing Keiretsu members to access quality deals. The enthusiasm Savara received has been tremendous; allowing us to proceed with a Phase II clinical trial in MRSA infected cystic fibrosis patients without the need for VC funding! As of October 2012, and with Keiretsu Forum’s 15 chapters taking the lead, Savara raised a little over $5m.”

Robert Neville
CEO, Savara Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Angel Capital Expo & Entrepreneur Academy

Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic announces the first Mid-Atlantic Region Angel Capital Expo - Wednesday, October 28, and the Entrepreneur Academy - Friday & Saturday, October 23-24 on the campus of Drexel University, our host partner. To learn more click this link.


Smart Money

By conducting comprehensive six-week due diligence reviews of the most promising entrepreneurial businesses, Keiretsu Forum offers you the most carefully selected and vetted investment opportunities possible.


Investment Cultivation

In order to bear fruit, promising deals require the support of a strong angel investment network. Keiretsu's growth-oriented angel funding philosophy is driven and sustained by its unique process of investment cultivation.


Investor Academy

Created by and for Keiretsu Forum members, the Investor Academy offers monthly half-day educational sessions on a wide range of topics pertaining to angel funding and private equity investing.