The Bugaboo brand that we know well for its ultra foldable strollers, has just unveiled Bugaboo Boxer, a set of well thought out modular luggage, but not within the reach of all.


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Are you fed up with your stack of dishes every week in your sink? Antoine, 28, and Damian, 24, have the product you need. His small name: Bob, the dishwasher for those who thought they never had, “the most compact and fastest in the world.” His little slogan: throw in the towel, adopt Bob. This Monday evening, Daan Tech (headquartered in Vendée, La Roche-sur-Yon), created by the two ingenious, launches pre-orders for their product in Paris in the XIth arrondissement.


Compact, ultra light (63gr), the Parrot Mambo is a drone that can fly indoors or outdoors.

This quadcopter is available with accessories that can be activated via the FreeFlight Mini application for smartphones or via the optional Parrot Flypad joystick. We find a Cannon that can shoot small balls (loader 6 balls) with a range of 2m, and a Grabber is a small forceps to catch small objects (4gr max). This Minidrone has a range of up to 9 min depending on the driving mode, it comes with two accessories and the Bluetooth Low Energy Flypad joystick (hotpot 60m), all for 119 euros in September.

The Parrot Swing is the first Minidrone plane that takes off and lands vertically.

Ultra light (73gr), this X-shaped drone flies both horizontally and vertically. To switch to airplane mode, Swing swings forward at 20 °, 40 °, 60 ° and can reach peaks at 30 km / h! Very easy to control with the Bluetooth Low Energy Flypad controller (or the FreeFlight Mini app), the Parrot Swing has an accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope. In quadricopter mode, an ultrasonic sensor analyzes flight altitude up to 4 meters. Beyond that, a pressure sensor controls the UAV at altitude.


Last April, Sweden’s Spotify, the world’s # 1 in music streaming, entered the New York Stock Exchange. Last week, IZettle, the Swedish start-up of payment solutions that was talking about it by being bought by Paypal. iZettle turns smartphones into credit card readers and has experienced an incredible boom since its inception in 2010. After considering an IPO, it finally accepted the bid for the US giant Paypal.

The iZettle box is a small credit card reader that connects directly to the mobile phone. It is often found in small traders or markets. This company present in twelve countries has just been bought by Pay-Pal for 2.2 billion dollars. This is nothing trivial because it is the largest acquisition ever made by the US giant Internet payment.

This is good news for its shareholders, for its boss and founder, too, who keeps his place. And for his development projects. Johan Bendz, Director of Strategy, explains the iZettle method: “We give our reader to people who use it and give us feedback on their experience in each country we want to enter. We started in Mexico, and in Brazil, which is the second largest card payment market in the world, in just a few months. ”