About Us

As the world is shifting to digital, most of the activity is coming online. Both private and public sector are putting their activity online for the users to avail the facility easily.

In the direction of this change almost all the government (central & state) took their roadtax collection online. Owners of the commercial vehicle can easily access the online portal of the required state to pay their roadtax online.

But due to lack of access to the internet for various reasons, they often find themselves in a position not to avail the facility.

We at ‘Tax Point’ ensures that no commercial vehicle owner need not to worry about their roadtax anymore. Our presence with an android app ensures that owners can pay their roadtax of any state in india without hassle.

Our 24/7 availability with high speed internet ensures that each roadtax is paid on time. So it’s time to stop worrying about roadtax , ‘Tax Point’ is there to take care of it.

How it Work

Tax point acts as an intermediate between commercial vehicle owners and roadtax portal.

We simply collect the required information about the vehicle from the owners through our android application, then we use the information to pay the required roadtax on behalf of the owner.


Can we request roadtax for any state in india?

Ans : Yes, taxpoint pays the roadtax for every state in india.

Can we request anytime?

Ans : Yes, we are available 27/7.

How do we pay Taxpoint?

Ans: Taxpoint accepts all methods of online payment.

What if there is delay in paying the roadtax?

Ans: Taxpoint immediately informs you about the delay, if there is any technical issue because of which we are not able to pay your roadtax.

How do we get notification of the roadtax?

Ans : There is a message from the government portal, moreover taxpoint provides slip of roadtax in our app in pdf. Format.