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    3ACredit is a leading provider of credit and risk management support services worldwide.

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    Verify your buyer before you ship, and manage your client portfolio effectively.

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    Stimulate cash flow, reduce risk of loss, and improve working capital.

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3ACredit-a Credit and Risk Management Consulting Company

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3ACredit is one of the leading providers of credit & risk management support services and commercial information in China. The firm is also the first and only credit information company to become publicly listed in China.


Recent News

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    August 2015- 3ACredit released its half-year financial report as required by the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ). During the terms of the report....

    3ACredit Establishes Beijing Branch Office

    September 2015- To further expand business operations in North China,3ACredit established a Beijing Branch Office. Since becoming a public company, 3ACredit’s credibility has increased drastically. The level of business is steadily improving....

    3ACredit Opens Operation Center in Kunshan

    November 2015- To support 3ACredit’s growing business, the company set up a wholly owned subsidiary in Kunshan to strengthen business operations. The new company’s scope of business includes Business Management Consulting....

  • People’s Bank of China, Shanghai Branch leaders visited 3ACredit

    December 8, 2015- People’s Bank of China, Shanghai Branch leaders visited 3ACredit’s Shanghai office to conduct an on-site evaluation of the Company's administration practices, internal control systems....

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