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Look at her putting on that lip gloss and wanting to choke on your big cock! Rubbing those lips so soft and ready for a face fucking! She loves being face fucked. It is like her favorite thing in the world. She is such a cum slut.

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Do You Need To Get Off?

Do You Need To Get Off?

Awww, do you need to get off? Thats no problem as Cadence can help you with that if you pay for it. She will happily control your stroking, making you harder and harder only to slap your balls and make you soft again. She loves making a mans cock hard only to make it soft again by smacking his balls. Dont be afraid though as she will grant you your countdown in the end. Just endure the pain and you may get to cum.

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JOI Can’t hold it .MP4

JOI Can’t hold it .MP4

So.. this video is only going to be 3 mins, because you can’t last as long as a real man. Kally wants you to start slowly, so you don’t blow it 30 seconds in! You don’t deserve an ass like mine, if you got close to it you’d probably jizz yourself! Maybe if you could control your load, you wouldn’t be such a loser.. but well, lets face it.. you’re stuck being a quick cummer! So jerk it quick cummer, try to last 3 minutes, hahaha! .MP4 FORMATMASTURBATION INSTRUCTION, JOI, HUMILIATION, QUICK CUMMER

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Topless jerk off instruction

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You always come back for more. I’m going topless for you this time and really want to see you work your dick. I want you to imagine how good it’s going to feel to blow your load all over my tits. Stroke that dick from base to head and feel every sensation. You’re so turned on while you stroke that dick of yours up and down. Oh yea baby keep masturbating for me and you can cum in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and cum for me. Cum all over and let it ALL out.



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