sing to me – The Start

‘sing to me’® songs are hilarious, practical little life lessons carefully designed to assist everyday interactions for 0-6yr olds.

The collection includes songs specific for children with sensory processing challenges.



NEWS:  just released –  ’sensory songs for tots’ – 27 songs specifically tailored for children with sensory processing challenges written in collaboration with renowned occupational therapists, Diana Henry and Debbie Hopper.  Click 4433630852 to find out more.

‘sing to me’® songs make it to the top 10 of the Australian Songwriters Competition.  Click here to see the songs the judges liked.

Contacts and Feedback

’sing to me’® is a product of Annimac and written and performed by Ann Austin. You can contact Ann Austin by email: 661-746-4551

Share your feedback on ’sing to me’ music via (419) 535-2662. Click on the link to leave a comment.