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Great Deals on Delmhorst Products!

Great Deals on Delmhorst Products. Call for Pricing! A moisture meter is important tool for restoration specialist, claim adjusters and even homeowners. Our moisture meters can cover you in a variety of applications, everything to a producer checking the moisture of their crops to flooring installation. No matter the application, rest a assured

Trends in personal protective equipment

As OSHA’s annual list of the Top 10 most-cited violations shows, the ways in which workers are injured change little from year to year. So as people continue to get hurt on the job, personal protective equipment manufacturers work to develop technologies to both safeguard employees against hazards and promote compliance with PPE regulations. What

OSHA instituted new labeling requirements for asbestos products effective June 1st 2015.

OSHA instituted new labeling requirements for asbestos products effective June 1st 2015. The new wording required on all asbestos products, asbestos product containers and asbestos waste containers is as follows: DANGER CONTAINS ASBESTOS FIBERS MAY CAUSE CANCER CAUSES DAMAGE TO LUNGS DO NOT BREATHE DUST AVOID CREATING DUST While asbestos

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Select Fans Using Fan Total Pressure to Save Energy

A recent estimate places the worldwide energy use of fans at about 23% of the world’s total energy consumption. ASHRAE started the process of defining the direction and goals of a program to reduce the energy consumed by fans in 2007. In examining the issues involved, it became apparent that while the obvious direction is to increase the energy efficiency


San Diego – OSHA, together with Safety+Health magazine, on Sept. 16 unveiled the agency's Top 10 most-cited violations for fiscal year 2014 during the NSC Congress and Expo. Patrick Kapust, deputy director of OSHA’s Directorate of Enforcement Programs, and Kyle W. Morrison, S+H’s senior associate editor, announced OSHA’s Top 10 list in front


Inline Distributing Company Launches BIG JOE™ Contractor Bags

3 Mil Heavy-Duty Contractor Bags with Patent-Pending Packaging Design Los Angeles, CA – October 19, 2017 - Inline Distributing Company, a leading provider of environmental remediation, restoration, abatement, construction, safety, and disaster relief supplies announces the official release of BIG JOE™ Contractor Bags. This product is now available

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