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Rexnord Shafer®Tri-Roller Cutting, Hydraulic Tools, and PSI Spanner Tools
Authorized Stocking Distributor and Master Distributor
ProofMaster® Bearing Proof Load Test Equipment

Serving the Aerospace and Aviation Industry since 1978

Providing Solutions with Rexnord Shafer® tools, consultation services and onsite training.

Providing Professional Solutions with Rexnord Shafer® and ProofMaster® tools, FAA Certified Training and Private Consultation.

AEROS helps you maximize your manufacturing processes utilizing the most efficient methods for your bearing removal, installation, and proof load testing.

AEROS can assist your operation by supplying the best possible machine and hand tools, providing FAA Certified training to your staff, and offering consulting services to improve your production processes.

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Customers say…

"… I had no concept of the amount of work involved in design, installation and field repairs for bearings. I was really surprised at how much I did not know and how much I took away from your presentation. It was an eye opener for me.

Your slides and videos were effective, and while you have a quiet presentation style it was clear that you know your stuff and are an expert in your field. I think that most people learned something from your presentations."—Mike Rice (Aerolearn, Inc)