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Way To Go Leaders launch

Madonna has many outstanding employees who are recognized by peers, patients and supervisors for their daily work. Through Way to Go’s and praises from employee rounding, we know that more than 800 praises are received per month at Madonna. This is a huge win. A new employee program, Way To Go Leaders, is being initiated in July to thank employees who are consistently praised.

Criteria: For any employee recognized 15 or more times during a quarter, they would be selected for this recognition.

Source of recognitions/praises: Nobl (Alliance and Cadence), Way to Go boxes, intranet Way to Go

Levels: Leader, Achiever, Legend

Leader: The first time you receive 15 or more praises in a quarter, you will receive leader designation.

Achiever: The second quarter you receive 15 or more praises. Quarters do not have to be consecutive.

Legend: The third quarter you receive 15 or more praises.

For each level, employees receive a congratulations letter and a small gift and get their name posted to our new visual display boards. Employees can advance through the levels over multiple years. Thank you for continuing to provide an exceptional experience for your coworkers and patients we serve! In addition, a monthly drawing for an “I am Madonna” T-shirt will be made from all of the praises obtained through monthly rounding and Way to Go’s.

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