Crypto Payments Made Simple.

Fulmo brings the so needed utility to the cryptocurrency world. Our mission is to create an ecosystem where all the virtual currencies can be used in v everyday life. Paying and receving cryptocurrencies for the products and services have never been easier.

Certainty of value - our system is monitoring & calculating prices of every merchants’ products and makes sure that the cost is the same as if you were using FIAT currency.

Everyday crypto wallet - our system lets you store valuable assets in your own dedicated wallet. Fulmo’s cybersecurity experts are working 24/7 for you.

Pay for the products or services within seconds - our solution makes sure that the money for the transaction will be transferred directly to the merchant within a blink of an eye.

Crypto or FIAT? - In Fulmo you are always in control of your money. Exchange Cryptocurrencies to FIATs and vice-versa at any moment.

Everyday Payments - Free Fulmo Mobile App

Our application work both on IOS & Android systems - Download and Check it now! The whole list of supported devices can be found here.

Tailored Platform for Merchants.

By joining Fulmo you get full access to the professional web tool that let’s you get an overview on how your shop performs. Gain control of the money flow within your business: Download the history of your transactions, create invoices, analyze special reports and much more!

Store in Wallet. Exchange on Market.

In Fulmo you’re always in controlof your funds. Don’t worry about unfair exchange charges - Our system converts your cryptocurrencies immediately at the best rates, taken straight from the crypto market. With our App, you’re always sure, that the amount you pay is the actual price.


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