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Offering information concerning the causes of impotence, male sexual dysfunction, and the most effective impotence and male sexual dysfunction treatment options.
Unbiased comparisons of the most respected
male enhancement
(penis enlargement) supplements.

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Welcome to Impotence Causes, Treatment of Male Sexual Dysfunction. Finally there is an accurate and informative resource for discussing impotence (male sexual dysfunction) including the various causes of impotence, as well as, the most beneficial male sexual treatment options.

Historically, men did not discuss impotence (male sexual dysfunction, the condition was just thought to be a consequence of aging. Today with the development of effective impotence treatment drugs, such as, Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

Although there are other impotence drugs available Viagra remains the most recommend impotence drug by Urologists (those doctors that specialize in the study and treatment of the urogenital system.

There is no substitute for experience, some 900,000 doctors have prescribed Viagra to more than 30 million individuals worldwide.

You can now order Viagra online simply by completing an on line medical questionnaire. The forms subsequently reviewed by a licensed doctor, once approved your order will be shipped discreetly (with no hint of the contents) to you.

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Although Viagra is an effective erectile dysfunction treatment. Viagra is not the only erectile dysfunction treatment. There are numerous other erectile dysfunction treatments that are very effective.

Please review the various links concerning male Impotence topics including:

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Erection Physiology - the mechanism of action of an erection.

Causes of Impotence - understand the causes of impotence or why you are not having a proper erection

If you still have concerns or questions regarding the cause of impotence, male sexual dysfunction or impotence treatment options please feel free to email a doctor. In addition, please visit the email archive to review additional emails answered by our physicians.

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