AWS We are using the power of the crowd to eliminate student loan debt.

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What is Five92?

Backers, such as yourself, sign up to give $5.92 each month to help end student loan debt. Skip a latte each month and make a true impact on your neighbors, friends and family.

Our Mission Is To Have





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To Eliminate


Of Debt Annually

How does it work?

Each month, we take the pool of funds that you generously give and use 50% to pay off recipients’ entire student loan debt (plus taxes they must pay to receive this gift). The remaining 50% is then distributed into official Five92 Post-College Scholarships™ in the amount of $5,920 and given to additional recipients.

Become a Backer

What do I get as a Backer?

Feel good vibes! Well, yes, you feel good for supporting a great cause, but let’s face it, you deserve more. We partner with brands each month to get you exclusive gift cards, discounts, swag and as much free stuff that we can get our hands on. You work hard for your money and we want to thank you for helping us achieve our mission of ending student loan debt.

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Did you know?

In 2015, Americans spent $70.15 Billion on Lottery tickets. If that money was used to pay off student loan debt, it would have eliminated 2,374,344 American’s full student loan balance. Even more staggering is that 44,000,000 Americans owe $1.3 Trillion in student loan debt. That’s an average balance of roughly $29,545.

Become a Backer