Welding Arms

Industrial Air Purification Systems

Regardless of the system, capturing fumes at the source is the only effective way to eliminate health hazards, and Extraction Arms / Snorkels are the most common products. Whenever possible, capturing and controlling at the source is the recommended approach. Source capture involves utilizing hoods to extract the contamination at or near the generation source to protect the worker and prevent the contamination from migrating elsewhere in the facility. Source capture is the most effective means of capture and requires the least amount of energy and initial investment to accomplish. Source capture can be accomplished utilizing Extraction Arms / Snorkels.

Industrial Air Purification, Inc. offers a full line of Extraction Arms / Snorkels that can be utilized to safely control process fumes, dust, and smoke.
Extraction Arms / Snorkels are specially designed for working environments with fumes, light dust, and smoke; where source capture is desired before the contamination has spread into the work environment and could be inhaled. The applications can be welding, grinding, or other industrial processes where an easily positioned arm is required. Typical workplaces can be:

  • Industrial Processes
  • Schools, including technical, welding, automotive, etc.
  • Maintenance work areas
  • Powder dumping applications
  • Blending applications
  • Oil Mist
  • Hoods that need to be moved in and out frequently

Extraction Arms / Snorkels can be mounted on a wall, column, I-Beam, or can be mounted on a workbench. Any location requires a sturdy structure, or supplemental supports may be required to support the counterweight of the arm. Additionally, they can be mounted to booms, rails, or filtration boxes. Fans can be mounted directly on top of the arm for single use applications, or they can be tied to a central ductwork system and then filtered through a dust/fume collector or exhausted outside.

Extraction Arms / Snorkels vary in diameter based upon air volume from 3” to 8” (350 cfm to 1000 cfm). The arms vary in length from 5’ to 14’ and are equipped with a high efficiency extraction hood. They are designed to move smoothly and easily into position to extract contaminated air from a worker’s breathing zone. They are durable, robust and virtually maintenance free. The Extraction Arms / Snorkels are self-supporting with smooth, low-friction control and require the least maintenance of any arm on the market today.

Benefits of Extraction Arms / Snorkels, include:

  • The arm is flexible in all directions and simple to position
  • Designed for wall mounting or table top mounting
  • Allows rotation of 180 degrees or more
  • Equipped with an internal damper near the hood
  • The hood can be tilted in all directions
  • Smooth tube or flexible hose outer shell
  • Low maintenance
  • Employee friendly
  • Won’t obstruct equipment for tooling changes or parts removal

For longer reach applications and where overhead cranes can restrict the installation of ductwork, swing boom arms are provided in conjunction with an arm. These swing boom arms will reach from 18’ to 35’. With very little force, an operator can swing the whole set up from left to right.

For long distances applications, rails are provided with an arm attached to a trolley. These rail type systems come in endless lengths as they are joined by splice kits. Once again, an operator can move the arm with very little force.