Video management. Revolutionized.

Unlock the potential of your video data.


Powerful geospatial tools.

From search to overlays, geospatial data takes front seat.


The future of mapping.

See the full picture. Integrate geospatial and temporal data.

We developed a solution to deliver accurate, timely information to the people who need it

By building state of the art technology and applying it to video data, Earthscape unlocks it's potential with tools for mapping, searching, streaming, analysis, reporting and distribution.

Put video metadata at your fingertips: tags, timelines, clipmarks and footprints are searchable in seconds. Make your data work for you with Earthscape's powerful geospatial video capabilities.

In the Cloud

Leverage the latest streaming technology and powerful datacenters around the world.

Deployed to your Environment

Sensitive data is secure with internally hosted servers deployed on your own network.

Earthscape changes everything

Video Management

Stream video from archives and manage data retention. Built from the ground up with geospatial integration for world class mapping capabilities.

Use metadata, clipmarks and tags to highlight key segments and develop searchable indexes. Create reports with the data you need, when you need it.

Geospatial Search

Your data archive is no longer a black box. Finding video over a particular location is as easy as drawing a box or dropping a pin on a map.

Let your data work for you. Ask questions of your videos: When was this area last flown? How many minutes are spent en-route to a call? Which locations are most visited?

Powerful Mapping

Between custom basemaps and data overlays, mapping tools and data visualization possibilities are endless. Hot spots and critical infrastructure data is integrated in reports and queries.

Scroll through video timelines and footprints seamlessly in one interface. Selectively share data with other agencies or the public.

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