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Empowering Parents

Parents today have no easy way of understanding their children’s health and connections. A lot of tools they have are old fashioned – think “a mother’s intuition", “a thermometer in the mouth”, “phone call to babysitter”. So Parents tend to miss important things. Did you know that 72% of children show negative behaviors of stress but only 20% of parents acknowledge that their child might be stressed?

What if there was a way for parents to proactively engage and their children’s health and connections?

Kiddo is the world’s first health focused wearable for kids

  • stressStress

    Monitoring your child’s emotional health just go easier. Whenever your child’s stress levels are elevated, Kiddo will notify you, so you’ll know when they need your support the most.

  • activityActivity

    By tracking your child’s number of steps, heart rate, and sweat levels, you get an in depth overview of your child’s activity level, so it’s easy to know if your child’s getting the right amount of exercise.

  • sleepSleep

    Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial for your child’s physical and emotional development. Kiddo not only tracks the amount of sleep your child gets, but their quality of sleep as well.

  • healthHealth Risk

    When your child gets sick, the sooner you start treating them, the sooner they can get better. With our patented skin temperature and heart rate sensors, you’ll know as soon as your child begins to develop an elevated temperature or becomes dehydrated.

  • nutritionNutrition

    The Kiddo’s proprietary diet tracker makes calculating your child’s caloric intake simple and easy, so you’ll know if they’re getting the right kind of nutrition.

  • growthGrowth

    Advanced impedance sensors keep track of your child’s growth, allowing you to compare with the typical healthy growth in their age group.

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