Organically Grown mushrooms
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All grown under suitable conditions that favor the growth of mushrooms that are healthy for everyone.

We offer the best Organically grown mushroom
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Mushroom processing equipment

We do offer mushroom processing equipment’s and advice on usage for those interested in more that purchasing for consumption.

Training and advisory services

We offer training and advisory services to both students and interested farmers in regards to growing mushrooms.

Transport and delivery services

As we’ve set high standards to be the number one in our industry we now offer transport and delivery services for clients who buy in bulk. We deliver right to your door step.

Africa mushroom growers

Why choose us.



All mushroom grown are freshly grown with out added chemicals to speed maturity of the mushrooms what so ever.

Center of excellence

centre of excellence

We are a centre of excellence as far as mushroom growing, selling, and advisory services. As of the many consultations, that have been to people through the ministry of agriculture.

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