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The wooden chopping board is an object that has been present for several decades in kitchens all over the world thanks to its usefulness: thanks to it, in fact, it is possible to cut and slice anything without running the risk of damaging the table and the kitchen tops. However, over time, even the cutting board itself can be damaged due to the repeated action of the knife and therefore needs to be replaced; but if properly cared for, a wooden cutting board can provide decades of faithful service. However, you can bring it back to its original state through proper treatment.

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Making a shaped cutting board is rather simple. To build it, first of all we need to buy a solid wood board that respects the measures established during the design phase; alternatively, just go to a carpenter and request it already cut with the desired measurements. The solid wood is recognized by the thicker annual rings in the central part and is a material with strong aesthetic potential since it can be of various colors. Solid wood is a type of wood that does not deform so easily. However, despite its qualities, it is important to pay close attention to glueing the tablets. That said, let’s move on to creating our chopping board.

Now that you have everything at your disposal, here’s how to proceed: it will be necessary to realize, by cutting through a saw, wooden strips. The strips must have the length and the thickness that will be obtained for the final cutting board. The number of strips, however, will vary depending on the width of which you will want the cutting board. At this point it will not be necessary to drill the strips in the direction of the thickness, by means of a column drill. The holes will be circular and will pierce all the strips in a congruent manner, this because inside will pass the souls of the cutting board.

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