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The Joint Education Oversight Committee (JEOC) was created by House Bill 64 of the 131st Ohio General Assembly. The committee consists of five State Senators and five State Representatives. The committee may authorize a plan of work, which will include research, review, study and analysis of current or emerging education policy issues important to the state, as well as the available policy options to address such issues and the available data and research to support such analysis and options. The committee may also select for review and evaluation education programs in school districts, other public schools, and state institutions of higher education that receive state financial assistance in any form. These reviews and evaluations may include: assessment of the uses these entities make of state money they receive, determination of whether an education program meets its intended goals, examination of pilot programs developed and initiated in these entities to determine whether the programs suggest innovative, effective ways to deal with problems that may exist in similar entities. Additionally, the committee may prepare a report of its review.


Executive Director - Lauren Monowar-Jones, [email protected], 614-466-5983

Researcher - Terrence Moore, [email protected], 614-644-6369

Fellow - Kaile Kilner, [email protected], 614-466-9082