This is the default Virtual Host on @ TSI

NOTE! This is just the host for ACCURA Liquid Managament system and NOT Cylinder management.

If you see this there is something wrong to your DNS (or NAT). All of the following virtual hosts must point to the physical ip address of i e Hosts that are not listed below but points to this ip address will come to this page. which points to has its document root here as well. All ALM installations that utilize this DNS name have its applications relative to its path. For example

DNS name Description Default host
563-683-4540 Germany ALM site (SSL) Portugal ALM site (SSL) Linde ALM demo (SSL)
(423) 821-2343 Austria ALM site (SSL) Colombia ALM site (SSL) Ecuador ALM site (SSL)
270-907-7641 Venezuela ALM site (SSL)
Maying Brazil ALM site (SSL)
slashy Benelux ALM site (SSL) Germany OBC site Switzerland ALM site (SSL) Linde ALM UNICODE Demo (SSL) Chile ALM site (SSL) Argentina ALM site (SSL)
(518) 821-8512 Peru ALM site (SSL)
431-891-5495 Uruguay ALM site (SSL)
merchantlike Poland ALM site (SSL)
(630) 339-0052 Romania ALM site (SSL)
(873) 225-0142 Hungary ALM site (SSL) Spain ALM site (SSL) Czech ALM site (SSL) Turkey ALM site (SSL)
822-939-2720 Italy ALM site (SSL)