Tuesday, 20 Nov 2018
The Isle of Man

The Isle of Man

You get two rides in one with this 100-miler on the Isle of Man. Not only is it almost a circumnavigation of the island, it’s nearly a lap of the famous TT circuit. But don’t let almost and nearly put you off; this is a fantastic ride with superb sea views and great mountain climbs, […]

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cat care

Cat Care. How To Make Your Cat Happy

The cat was tamed by people many thousands of years ago, but this animal is still surrounded by an aura of mystery. However, the flexible and graceful animal was so firmly established in human life that no persecution could ever banish the cat from human habitation. And now they are one of the most beloved […]

Strong Orgasm

Strong Orgasm. Real Life Stories

CATHERINE, France “HE ASKED ME TO LOOK STRAIGHT INTO HIS EYES” It seems to me that orgasm, especially very strong orgasm is an emotion that we experience in a moment when essentially, we no longer have control. Therefore, we are in a psychological state where we can no longer attribute a meaning to what we […]

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movie It

It Part 2. Dancing Clown Comes Again

Horror films had become one of the most popular genres all over the world. Psychologists investigating the popularity of the horror films, came to the conclusion that horror films make the viewers experience their own fears in order not to be afraid of everyday life. One of the greatest subconscious fears of people is the […]

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Cambridgeshire. Exciting Travel by Bicycle

Those who don’t know it well tend to equate Cambridgeshire with its university city, which is an easy mistake. The university is highly regarded throughout the world, and we should all be very proud of that. But Cambridgeshire is not just Cambridge. It’s a beautiful county, one as welcoming to cyclists as the city is, […]

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