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This historical American political figure is the first president of the United States.  President George Washington built a strong foundation for the country which was built on by his successors to create the United States of America.  Due to his historical popularity, George Washington costumes are a great patriotic costume for school plays, 4th of July parades and Halloween parties.  They are available in both kids and adult sizes so anybody can become President Washington, who earned the popular nickname, “The Father of the United States of America.

president washington“First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen” is a famous historical quote by Mr. George Washington. Being the commander in chief of a major country was never a more challenging task, and what makes the role more difficult were the political and social conflicts.  Despite the obstacles, this great man was able to overcome the difficult hurdles to see his nation become a success.  With wise decision making, good administration, dedication and a heart of a true public servant, President George Washington survived the battle for America.  These are all good reasons why you should dress up as the first President of America.  We will be featuring the best George Washington costumes for the year 2013.  Independence Day is a great time to purchase a Mr. Washington costume. We will be updating this blog shortly with adult and kids Halloween costumes related to our founding father.