We believe that it is absolutely vital to have secure access to the internet. Using FixedRoute provides an unparalleled experience for securely connecting to the web.


ABOUT FixedRoute

FixedRoute aims to provide a fast, secure and reliable tunnel for your online needs. By forcing your connection over our servers, you get a static IP all to yourself.


We have years of experience in dealing with online security, and strive to create the safest and most user-friendly experience possible. Using FixedRoute enables you to lock down your internet usage to a single IP address, from which you can access the rest of the web, including location-locked content which is only accessible in the country of your dedicated IP provided by us.

The idea behind FixedRoute is to allow you to connect once, and then forget about everything else. It runs in the background, and leaves you with a smooth, uninterrupted connection, giving you that peace of mind that you're looking for.

Price Plan

See our pricing below. If you'd like a custom quote on a different bandwidth usage, please use the contact form.

$5Per month


OpenVPN Only

500GB Bandwidth Per Month

Choose either New York City or Seattle

$10Per month


OpenVPN Only

1500GB Bandwidth Per Month

Choose either New York City or Seattle


I've been looking for a static IP address for some time, and finally found what I need. Now I'm able to browse with that extra peace of mind, knowing that my connection is encrypted.


My business required a dedicated IP for accessing important internal data. This service managed to provide a cost-efficient solution.


I'm now able to make full use of my Netflix subscription by watching all my favourite shows whilst on holiday. It was incredibly frustrating not being able to watch Breaking Bad after a nice day in the pool!

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