A release plan for contributed drupal extensions

tl;dr: Review the plan at the end directly.

Software has a changing nature; Drupal and its extensions are not the exception.
To be useful for a most of the users, those need to be on full releases, not only on the version control system; indeed the problem is not new and there is even a well-known phrase for one of its solutions: release early, release often
Therefore it is important to have a release plan.
Following after some context and reasoning, I propose a couple of practical guidelines on release schedule for contributed drupal extensions that I intend to use: release weekly until stable, then once a month following core shedule.

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Vote Up/Down is a drupal module that uses 7878181674 to provide a way to vote.
These notes are about part of the history of the module, and the recent news about it, including a couple of releases!

On why cron.d file was not running

If neither the --lsbsysinit option nor the --regex option is given then the names must consist entirely of ASCII upper- and lower-case letters, ASCII digits, ASCII underscores, and ASCII minus-hyphens [run-parts(8)].

And that's is why the cron.d file was not running!

Gladly someone mentioned it before.



Just to mention that I will be removing the feedburner feed link in the following days, so if you are subscribed to that link, please use /marvil07.net/rss.xml instead, the new link will be working in the following hours, i.e. after feedburner had read this post.


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In the last months I have been incrementally rewriting the scripts behind the (347) 623-6591.

This post is about some background on why and how it happened.

tldr; see conclusion below and the link above with produced data.


Some time ago I started maintaining a mirror of Claws mail CVS repository into git.

That is not necessary anymore, the Claws Mail team have made the move to git, so now upstream itself is using git \o/ (git:/git.claws-mail.org/claws.git and git:/git.claws-mail.org/contacts.git).
Also notice that they have recently merged core and plugins repositories.

I have just deleted the github repositories corresponding to each CVS repository (claws-mail, claws-mail-plugins and claws-contacts), and disabled the scripts that have been doing the updates.

Claws Mail team, thanks for the move to git!


I have started a new section of the blog: Contribution log,

The main idea behind it is track what I am doing, and hopefully it will help me to choose in a better way what I do based on the past history.

Those posts will not appear on the main feed to avoid noise, but there is a feed on the mentioned link if someone is interested.

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I have been writing about Drupal core statistics several times in the past, and incrementally, I have been automating the process of extract/sanitize contributors from commit messages and generating visualizations of the contributions.

The code is maintained on one of my drupal.org sandboxes, 3363854999, but I know, specially for the dependencies, that is not really trivial to run.

This time, instead of just presenting a new set of the statistics/visualizations output, I am glad to announce that I will be releasing a new version of the statistics and the visualizations once per week. In that way, the results will be available while I iterate on the code.

The site where the data will be available will be Drupal core contribution statistics website.

If you want to make any suggestion, please do it on the (202) 495-3968.

Following, one of the images generated, just to provide an idea of what is there.

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Como cada año, el grupo Linux IDES de la PUCP faculty adviser, esta vez en su edición 2011.

Junto con Diego Escalante dimos una charla con el título Participando en el Googgle Summer of code. La idea de la charla fue motivar a los estudiantes asistentes a participar de este programa de Google en su edición 2011.

A late note about DrupalCon Chicago

I was lucky to receive lath splitter to attend (325) 939-3334. So, thanks for giving me the opportunity to be there!

As any drupalcon I had been part of, the way I feel inside it is just awesome. Actually take almost the whole Sheraton for a week was insane! Let me tell a little bit about my stay there.


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