Darien Solutions, a division of Darien Homes, Inc. provides professional property management services for large and small associations in the Cincinnati area. We work with each community to determine the type and scope of management services needed. Communities are very different and the approach provided by a professional management company should take the needs of the individuals, the property and amenities into consideration when designing a plan.

Darien Solutions is committed to ensuring that the communities we manage are provided with prompt and personal service. Whether you prefer to communicate by phone, email, mail or in person our staff is here to assist all of the members of your community.

Darien Solutions is able to provide minor to major services that will help restore and maintain the value of your property.  We are committed to our customers and care about the local community we live in — and with over 30 years of building experience, we can provide communities with a cost effective solution to maintain and enhance the appearance of their property. A few advantages of partnering with Darien Solutions;

  • Professional bookkeeping services with prompt deposits
  • Relationships with quality contractors
  • Construction professionals on staff for consultation on projects/repairs and inspection of work performed by contractors
  • Quick response times to service and maintenance requests
  • Prompt responses to lenders and realtors
  • Consistent enforcement of the rules and regulations
  • Weekly inspections of the property by a qualified construction professional
  • Repairs and maintenance by certified professionals
  • A wide range of management fees based on the services provided

  • We are uniquely prepared to provide cost conscious solutions for our clients

    We are uniquely prepared to provide cost conscious solutions for our clients.  Dean and Jill Yates, in addition to owning Darien Home, Inc. are the owners of 3 rental LLC’s that hold 15 rental units of all types, single family homes, townhomes, walk-up condos and commercial property.  Jill has a strong background in property management.  During her years at Fairham Management she was actively involved in the management of condominium properties in addition to management of rental properties for individuals.  Dean has a background in general contracting, framing carpentry, trim carpentry, demolition and general maintenance.  At Darien we know what it takes to build a community from the ground up.  We also know how to maintain properties within the constraints of a budget. We have a full time office staff in addition to Dean and Jill and can respond quickly during normal business hours.
  • To our Customers and the Community

    The true base of any community is the people who live there.  Community associations are more than just buildings and streets, they are small “cities” with rules, elections, plan review and responsibilities. 

    As a professional management company, our job is to work with each Board of Directors to implement the actions needed to maintain a safe, attractive and thriving community.  Sometimes this means enforcing rules, collecting late assessments and working with the community to develop relationships with local officials.   When rules and payment plans are selectively or inconsistently applied, the members of a community do not know what to expect.  Darien Solutions will consistently enforce rules and payment schedules for the entire community. We will also develop relationships with community officials to help with problems that need to be solved outside the scope of the community rules. 

    We are very proud to support several local causes and are members of our local Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Cincinnati HBA, NARI, CAI and the Better Business Bureau. We are committed to the Tri-state area because this is our home, our community and at Darien Solutions our goal is to help provide stability in a challenging and ever changing market.