Used forever, the black dress has become the classic wardrobe to be designed and used relentlessly by Gabrielle Coco Chanel.

dress for summer

However, by choosing a black dress model with fresher fabric, it is possible to wear the garment in the summer.
Another tip is to choose black dresses with cutouts or models without sleeves and take-it-fall. To create the mood for hot days, choose more colorful accessories and put the finishing touches on hats and skirts. One suggestion is also to let the hair tied , to air the neck and to bring more freshness to the look.

Black dress for the night
If it has a piece that is infallible for the night, surely it is the black dress .

According to the personal stylist, leather jacket, denim jacket, vest and many accessories also contribute to modernize your look and make you more conducive to the nightly events. “Use with necklaces or earrings and a nice wallet” is another suggestion of Luciana for anyone who wants to ruin the black dress .

Long black party dress

Just avoid using the color if you are a godmother, since black is not suitable for such occasions, unless the bride makes it clear that she does not care.

To keep your look looking heavy with your long black dress , choose models with transparencies, slits, and cutouts. Black dress with lace and high gloss make more incredible. A good tip is to use some accessory marking the waist, like belts or bands, helping to shape the body. Invest also in more powerful makeup, such as a colorful mouth and more marked eyes, as the black dress allows.

Black dress for winter
Choose heavier and heavier fabrics and give preference to more closed models.

The pantyhose helps warm up your legs, so do your long boots , so invest in these accessories.

Turndown black dress with powerful accessories
If the idea is to caprichar in the accessories, the black dress is ideal for that. The item allows you to abuse these items and make various combinations with necklaces, earrings, shoes and handbags.

But it’s not just the accessories you can whip up. The black dress makes for a more powerful makeup, a more elaborate hair, without appearing to be dressed for some super important event.

Where to find your ideal black dress
In the gallery below, you can find a wide variety of styles of black dresses to buy in the most popular e-commerces. They are dressed for all prices and for all tastes, just choose the one that suits you and your pocket.

The Black Dresses of Bloggers
Here’s how bloggers put on their black dress looks and get inspired in them for the next time they use their piece. They make combinations for the day, for the night, on more formal occasions, for hot days and so many other variations that will help you to look more beautiful in your black dress .

Multiple ways to wear the black dress

There are several models of black dress : fairer, ideal for the night, perfect for parties, among other varieties. Below, we give some tips for not having a mistake when choosing the ideal model and getting even more beautiful with your “black nothing basic”.

Little black dress
The black tube dress is the classic of the classics. For being a fairer model, he defines the curves and leaves the woman more sensual. So if the idea is to get sexier, bet on the little black dress. It can be used on several occasions such as ballad, dinner, bar and even in the office, as long as combined with a blazer and giving preference to knee lengths closer.



The social dress is used for important ceremonies. Formerly, social attire for women was very restricted and only long ones were allowed.

With the advancement of fashion, you can now find a multitude of models for various occasions and styles.

If you want to know a little more about how to wear social dress and still have the possibility to see various inspirations on looks, this is your moment. We, from Uppermag, separate the main tips with the most popular dresses styles, check it out!

Long dresses

Long dresses are gorgeous and never go out of style. If you are in doubt on what to wear at a wedding or graduation the right bet is a long one.

After that first easy tip, the next tip is: use common sense! The choice of color is very important, according to your skin tone and style. If you do not know what else suits you, black and white is the wildcard.

How to wear social dress?

Graduation party, wedding or a big event, social dress will be present. Wearing a social dress requires a little more care as it is a delicate attire for a more important moment.

As a long-time outfit, fashion has adapted to women’s modernity and styles. Nowadays you can wear long or short social dress, lacy or with stones and the prints are also successful for the events of the day.

When it comes to buying or renting the dress, do not be lazy to experiment: you need to know how it will fall on your body. It is important that your silhouette conforms to the chosen model, so go ahead and experiment as much as you can until you find the one that is most interesting.

The long ones are democratic, nowadays you can see long prints, with lace, with pedrarias or even smooth, it will take that fall, of a single shoulder, mermaid tail and other so many styles. You can try to find a model that you like and go looking for what comes closest to that.

They are in high the necklines deep in the back, they are tendency and they leave the look very beautiful. Thin straps are also a good request, if you want something more modern and fashion.

How to Wear Short Social Dress

Short social dress is an alternative for those who do not like the famous long dresses, which for a long time were the most accepted at formal events such as wedding, graduation and other types of festive occasions.

Of course the short social dress still has a certain limitation as everything will depend on the event and the public of the event you go but undoubtedly most parties today are open to a lighter suit like the short social dress .

You can wear various types of short dresses – the market has an incredible variety of options, nowadays, in addition, you can add several options, for example: use with accessories, with more worked fabrics, one shoulder only, with the skirt of the round dress, among so many other possibilities!

In this article, you will check out various inspirations for you to definitely raze on several occasions without fear of making mistakes and of course daring.