• ChromLab 6.0 Software

    New ChromLab 6.0 Software

    • Optimize with multivariable scouting
    • Experience enhanced automated multistep purification
    • Easily fine-tune parameters and valve positions on the fly
  • ZE5 Cell Analyzer

    The ZE5 Cell Analyzer – A Different Animal

    • Characterize rare cells up to 100,000 events per second
    • Study dim populations and small particles with ease
    • Expand your panels with up to 27 brilliant colors
  • Try Our Interactive Selection Guide

    Pick the Best Standards for your Blots!

    See how banding pattern changes with light source


    Discover AmplichekTM
    Molecular Quality Controls
    for Infectious Disease

    Multi-analyte QC products for
    nucleic acid testing procedures

  • Bio-Rad VIbrio

    A better way to detect Vibrio

    Quickly and accurately detect the three main Vibrio species
    (Vc, Vv, Vp ) in a single run after an 8 hour enrichment

    Bio-Rad Vibrio Workflow
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