Gain and retain employees with voluntary financial wellness benefits

Empower your employees to maximize their financial well-being with
financial health coaching, student loan repayment assistance and matched savings plans

  • Attract and Retain Top Employees
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Stress

Why Financial Wellness Matters

Living Paycheck to Paycheck


A study conducted by the Federal Reserve showed that 1 in 3 Americans would not be prepared for a 3-month long financial disruption and could not cover their expenses in such a situation, even by borrowing.

Not Saving For Retirement


A Fidelity study showed that 41% of American employees below the age of 39 cashed out of their 401(k) after leaving their jobs.

Stressed At Work


A staggering 1 in 3 Americans reported missing at least a partial day of work because of a personal financial situation or the stress that comes with it.

What We Offer

Financial Health Coaching

Our financial health coaches provide information, education, direction, and guidance about various financial matters. They help clients find a healthier financial future, reducing anxiety, stress and anguish about financial issues.

Studen Loan Repayment Assistance

7 out of 10 students graduate with student debt. Help your employees pay it off. You determine how much you want to match, your vesting period, and your contribution limit. Leave the rest to us.

Matched Savings Plans

A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that 50% of Americans would struggle to come up with $2,000 in a pinch. Incentivize your employees to create an emergency fund through a matched savings program.

Loan Monitoring & Money Saving Tips

Clients can use our platform to track and monitor their loan balances in one place. They can also get deals on student loan refinancing opportunities, create and track savings goals, and can opt-in to receive money-saving tips based on their monthly spending patterns.



Get Tools And Coaching To Meet Your Financial Goals

  • 1-on-1 Financial Health Coaching
    Get personalized financial health coaching that leads to results. Our coaches work with you to reach your short and long term financial goals.
  • Personal Financial Management
    & Money Saving Tips
    Track your financial accounts and transactions in one place. Set savings goals, receive student loan repayment optimization tips and other money-saving strategies based on your monthly spending patterns.
  • Financial Wellness Incentives
    Through your employer you can receive student loan repayment assistance, emergency savings account contributions or trade-in your vacation days for cash.


Financial Wellness Benefits For The Modern Workforce

  • Choose from a suite of offerings based on your company needs
  • No more point solutions. Manage all your financial wellness benefits from one platform
  • Reduce costs associated with recruiting, training and retention
  • The cost of PeopleJoy participant education may be a permitted plan expense under your retirement plan. Consult your plan advisor, and let us know if you would like more information.

Not sure if your employees need a financial wellness program?
Send them our anonymous financial wellness survey and find out!
We’ll send you the results!
(Note: we will not share your survey results with any third parties)

Employee Financial Wellness Survey

We are evaluating a plan sponsor for a Financial Wellness
Program, kindly submit your responses to the questions below

Do you have a written plan (budget) for spending and/or saving money?

How do you feel about your current financial condition?


You manage the relationship,
we deliver the service and technology!


PeopleJoy gives brokers the voluntary financial wellness benefits platform they need to stay competitive.

  • Growing Popularity: According to Aon Hewitt’s Hot Topics in Retirement and Financial Well-Being Survey, 89% of employers are likely to add tools, services, or communications to expand their financial well-being focus.
  • Service: We provide an array of financial wellness products that can be tailored to your clients.

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