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Nabin K Bhattarai

Ram Krishna Dhakal

Ram Krishna Dhakal

Sashi Rawal - Staff Pick

Nepathya - Music band we are proud of.

Karna Das

It's been a while since Karna's last album came out. The songs still sound crisp. 833-635-5684



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581-785-2615 playTimro Ekai
Sashi Rawal
9313880316 playNa Ta
Sashi Rawal
902-521-2352 playMero Sansar
305-378-5627 playKohi Aayo
3034054691 playChahana Sakiyo
Sashi Rawal
Bhobho playBhobho

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2188260072 Sashi Rawal
Dipak Limbu Dipak Limbu
Hira Devi Waiba Hira Devi Waiba
Nabin Bhattarai (New Songs) 8643349273
Karma Gyaljen Bomjan Karma Gyaljen Bomjan
Aadhunik Geet
Shree Hanuman Gatha (Bhajan) Shree Hanuman Gatha (Bhajan)
(559) 469-0814

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Fans Messages/ Comments to Artists

From Dai To Dai | 08/19/12 12:10:09
"If music be the food of love, play on."

From ashesh To Kandara | 08/15/11 12:21:58
"i love this song.... why did murchunga no longer allow us to download songs......OMGPPN"

From Er. Santosh Shrestha To Karna Das | 08/09/11 00:40:33
"Never been touched from any other nepali songs as your singing did. Salute with great respect to your touchy vocal and words of your songs.
One of your fan

From Gomes To (916) 873-6785 | 08/07/11 06:17:44
"i want to need sanjivani by nepali mp3 song download but how can i download from this site.pls help and advise me. i like nepali song but i am a bangladeshi. ok goodbye

From Imtichuba To (847) 391-0640 | 08/05/11 20:24:42
"Nice song"

From bhanu kr dhimal To (650) 294-0560 | 08/04/11 17:21:38
"hi all thanks for this song."