Then you can make Ida Røssland’s super easy pillowcase. Keep in mind that the fabric does not have to be new; you can use the old bedspread or curtains, or a favorite sweater that has become too small.

Tips from Ingrid for making your own pillows:

– To update a simple foam rubber pad that is very square, it may be a good idea to soften it with a layer of water or felt between the foam rubber and the textile. This makes the seating comfort better, the shape becomes easier to work with the textile (the softer shape, the less precise you need to be in the seamwork. This may be nice to start with and the mastering curve will be steeper). – The tighter and more square shapes you work with – the greater the need for precise preworking such as surveying, tear stitch and steady hand on the last machine stitch. – Smooth fabrics like velvet and some synthetic / elastic fabrics slide easily into the sewing machine and should be preloaded in advance for best results.

The first thing you do is to find out the substance (s) you want and a zipper to suit. I chose a mint colored zipper as this should be silly, and it’s always nice to find colors around! If desired, use the lace zippers by sewing them straight on the front of the backside, just make 2 identical pieces, cut the backside and fasten both zipper parts. This was quickly explained, but think you understand what I mean by reading and looking at the pictures further down the post!

As you can see in the picture below, the back piece is still bigger And then we jump to the picture below! To make the cushions even, it is made wide over the zipper. Make sure the zipper is flat and fine and straight! Ironing. Then it’s time for stitching! Sew a stitch nicely along the edge of the brim. Then there is a stitching along the zipper. (In the same “track” as when stitching it.) This is done so that the tab will be nicely laid when the drawer is filled with a pillow! At each end of the zipper there is a kind of square (see the picture below), so that the zipper stays in place when assembling! Note. Make sure that the zipper slide is pulled onto the cushion so you do not sew it on the outside. It’s always very boring having to get up!

ew on zipper: Place zipper on center of one side of the fabric and put it on the wrong side (see pictures below) Fasten with pins and sew tight (make sure you cover it dotted line when sewing). At the ends of the zipper you sew slightly down so you can bend the zipper down later and hide the edges. REMEMBER: Use the zipper on the sewing machine (to be included) and make sure you have it on the right page. You can see this fast when you start (the foot has 2 pages you can attach).