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Clam Chowder

Clam Chowder

Clam chowder is serious business around here. I’ve been instructed to always make way more than necessary so there’s enough for seconds. And leftovers. It really is that good. I love that I can make a whole pot for about the same price as one […]



I used to make guacamole with about a dozen different ingredients. I’d keep adding things and tinkering with it until it was really good. But when my husband and I started making it together, I learned that he liked to keep it simple. And over […]

Spinach Salad with Marinated Onions

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Is it too predictable to start off the New Year with a recipe for salad? I’m feeling motivated to eat healthier after all of the holiday indulging, and I prefer the kind of healthy food that doesn’t feel like deprivation. I need big, bold flavors […]

Hot Chocolate on a Stick


Hot chocolate on a stick just says Christmas to me. All December long, we drink hot chocolate nearly every day. If you love hot chocolate as much as we do, this is a great make ahead project. They make perfect holiday gifts or if you […]

Sugar Cookies with Icing

Sugar Cookies with Icing

I’m so excited to share this recipe with you! Sugar cookies with icing are necessary around here this time of year. It’s the only holiday treat my husband insists on. I’ve made these sugar cookies three times already this month and I want you to have […]


Pesto Pasta Salad

I realize that pasta salad is usually more of a summertime dish, but here I am making it when it’s cold outside. We’ve been so busy lately that I wanted to have a meal that was quick to assemble and eat throughout the week. This […]

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under damping

I’ve been teased about making every dessert into some kind of cheesecake. I really don’t see how that’s a problem. The flavor combinations with cheesecake are limitless. There aren’t many things that taste better. Cheesecake can, however, be a bit fussy and time consuming to […]

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Does everyone already know about cream cheese and pepper jelly dip? It’s literally just the two ingredients in the title. Cream cheese and pepper jelly. And somehow, when they’re combined and spread on a cracker, they turn into something special! I love this appetizer because […]

Churro Cupcakes

Churro Cupcakes

I made these churro cupcakes for my sweet nephew’s 2nd birthday party this past weekend. I love baking special treats for celebrations! And judging by the rate these churro cupcakes were devoured, I figured I’d better share the recipe. 😉 The cupcakes start out with […]

Whiskey Sour

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Most of the time, I decide what to make based on what I’m craving. But in this case, I made something my husband loves. He’d had a whiskey sour with egg white foam years ago, and hadn’t been able to find one again that was […]