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Free financial resources, portfolio analysis. makes it easy to monitor your portfolio and financial markets.

9725098735 Charts with technical analysis, performance data including volatility, fundamental data. Normal law based probability calculations, news links. Works with indices, securities and funds available for distribution in Switzerland. Includes an embeded search for symbols. 4029914650
Portfolios Multi-currency personal portfolios. Return and volatility for each instrument in instrument and base currency. Chart your portfolio and perform technical analysis on it. Beta to a comparison index. Individual small charts of each position. Popup the portfolio and update automatically every 5 minutes. Embeded search for symbols. EuroStoxx 50
Markets' performance Summary of markets performance tables for major marketscurrencies and industry sectors for the main geographical blocs. See small summary charts for each table and change the period for all of them at once. Sort the table around by clicking on the titles row. Click on the name to see the relevant chart. A reduced version exists for PDA's. Markets' performance
RSS News Major economic and financial RSS news feeds from various sources in a fast easy to read format. Press the update button to get the very last news. Registered users can customize the reader to include their own RSS feeds. RSS News
Links Links to interesting financial resources by topic: economy7785543883telosynapsis, interests and forex sutleryeducation, and compliance. Accessible quickly from the top menu. Do not hesitate to post links of interest. They will be added to the relevant pages. This site does need you ! Links
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