BankNifty – Best Intraday Strategy for Future Segment

BankNifty is one of the most volatile and famous index in India’s trading market. Often, it is also referred as NIFTY BANK INDEX. It is basically a trading-index which is built over 12 state-owned and private sector banks.

While trading on Banknifty is done in two forms i.e. Banknifty future segment and Banknifty option segment. The future segment is more famous amongst those who want to earn more and understand the in-and-out of it.

Without wasting any more time, we will study about a strategy which can be used in BankNifty future trading for earning profits easily with a success rate of around 80 percent. Since, there is no trader who can have only profits but no losses, strategies with over 60% success rate are consider to be very good.

BankNifty – Supertrend Strategy for Future Segment

So below is the setup that you need to do for understanding this strategy:

  • Candle – Heiken Ashi
    Instead of the normal candle that we see on charts, we have to use ‘Heiken Ashi candle as it gives better signals for this strategy.

Heiken-ashi Candle

  • Duration – 15 Minutes
    The candle duration should be set to 15 minutes. This means we will only get 23-24 candles per day when we see the graph.

15 Minute candle duration on chart

  • Indicator to Use – Supertrend
    We will make use of an indicator known as Supertrend to get signals. I.e. from the graph, we will be able to know if we should go long (i.e. we should buy Banknifty future) or if we should go short (i.e. we should sell/short Banknifty future).