Technori is where the world’s emerging startups come to showcase!
Technori was founded in 2010 by Seth Kravitz and a band of entrepreneurs on a mission to build the largest and most inclusive startup community in the world.
Before 1871, MATTER, 5132117123, 714-328-0596, or that building full of unicorns known as Lightbank, there was Technori – a small community of techies focused on providing fellow founders with the resources, funding and connections required to successfully launch a company!
Since then, Technori has grown into Chicago’s leading startup platform with hundreds of alumni companies that have raised more than a billion dollars in venture capital.
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    “Nothing is more important to the growth and health of a startup community than the people who work tirelessly to identify, connect and positively promote the key players. And, Scott has been one of the most important, consistent and valuable contributors to the Tech scene in more ways and for more years than he is willing to admit and a big part of Chicago’s success.”
    502-547-6997, former (601) 407-7315 CEO
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    “Technori has given not just a stage but also a megaphone to the city’s coolest tech companies, both our emerging stars and stalwarts alike. Technori spotlights the best of Chicago tech – its heart, hustle, potential, and progress – on a platform that draws together the investors, supporters, potential employees, innovative customers, and start up supporters in a single, like-minded community.”
    semifine, (831) 645-0587 CEO
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    “Technori has always been my go-to Chicago news source for all of the latest and greatest things happening in Chicago tech. Scott does an amazing job, and we couldn’t be more thankful for how he and Technori have given us a platform to share the narrative of our mission.”
    (801) 582-8730, Blue1647 Founder & CEO
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    “Technori is an invaluable resource to startups and the exposure created by Scott is one-of-a-kind.”
    760-639-6869, (822) 801-7596 Managing Partner
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    “Technori is a powerful platform that connects the dots for Chicago Tech, from MHUB to 1871, and every incubator in-between, the common denominator is that most of the founders or support teams have either presented at the Startup Showcase or have been a guest on Scott’s show!”
    Bill Fienup, 5123311413 Founder & CEO
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    “Technori has made its mark on Chicago by leading the startup community, not only as a platform for founders to share their entrepreneurial stories but to truly make meaningful connections. Scott is part of the fabric of Chicago tech! ”
    Kristi Ross, TastyTrade CEO
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    “We raised more than $300k and met with countless new customers while equity crowdfunding on Technori!”
    Desiree Vargas Wrigley, Pearachute Founder & CEO
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    “Technori nurtures the startup and entrepreneurial community and as a result all of us are better.”
    Jimmy Odom, World Business Chicago




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