Welcome to the Tilgin router

Status summary

Product name: IAD601D
Software family: HG238x
Software revision: ESx000-02_10_01_24
ISP: :) Online
Local time: Tue Nov 20 10:23:00 2018
System uptime: 174 days 18 hours 37 minutes

WLAN status

:) Online HKBN-590921 WPA2
:/ Disabled HKBN-590921-Guest WPA2
:) Online HKBN-590921-5G MIXED_WPA_WPA2
:/ Disabled HKBN-590921-5G-Guest WPA2

LAN clients

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1 (A) :( Unregistered 2 missed calls

Storage devices

No storage devices.

Cellular network devices

No cellular network devices.

DECT/CAT-iq devices

:( No handset registered Tilgin PMB CAT-iq - DECT device