What is a Notary?

What is a Notary? It is a person authorized typically by the state government to perform certain legal formalities, especially to draw up or certify contracts, deeds, and other documents for use in other jurisdictions.

What is Notary Lock?

What is Notary Lock? An app that runs on an apple or android mobile phone utilized by the Notary to enable a properly executed Notary signature.

What is the purpose of Notary Lock? The purpose for Notary Lock is to keep the Signer’s information secure, identify the Notary overseeing the signing and prevent Notaries from any potential violations while performing Notary services for clients.

Preventing Notaries from Potential Violations While Performing Notary Services

Notary services are an important part of Identifying the person(s) signing legal contracts. A Notary’s service requires the Notary to adhere to the Notary Public Disciplinary Guidelines set fourth by the State where their notary license is held.
Notary Lock will provide the Notary the surety that the collected information will be stored in a secured server that eliminates the need for being responsible for the Notary book. Notary Lock also will provide step by step identification of the Signer’s information while avoiding disciplinary actions for the Notary that are from incompetence or willful misconduct.

Keeping Client’s Personal Information Safe

Has anyone ever wondered what happens to the information that is collected while participating in a notary service? The Client’s information is collected and placed in a notary book that includes Date, Time, Location, Type of Document, Identification Information, Thumbprint, and Signature. The current Notary services have all the collected information mentioned above in a Notary book that is supposed to be locked in a secure location. Since many Notaries travel to various locations to administer their services, it can create a problem with lost, stolen or destroyed notary books that can end up in the wrong hands and assisting in the problems of Identity Theft.
  • The Use of Notary Lock removes the possibility of lost, misplaced, stolen or destroyed Notary books by keeping all the Clients’ Information on a Secure Server while recording a mobile phone’s GPS coordinates and date-time stamp.

Examples of How Disciplinary Actions May Result for Notaries

  • Failure to verify identification of Signer
  • Failure to require personal appearance of Signer
  • Unauthorized use of Notary Seal
  • Failure to maintain the Notary journal with complete records of official acts
  • Failure to complete journal line items at the time of the Notarial act
  • Failure to obtain a thumbprint of Signer in the Notary journal
  • Notarization of incomplete documents
  • Failure to notify Secretary of State of any address changes
Notary Lock

How It Keeps Notaries in Compliance

Notary Lock keeps Notaries in compliance with Notary Rules:
  • Eliminates the need to physically carry a Notary book
  • Electronically dates and time-stamps the Notary service
  • Provides a copy of the Form of Identification that was used to perform the service (driver’s license, etc.)
  • Provides GPS coordinates of where the Notary service took pace
  • Prevents a Notary from Forward Dating or Backdating of Notary documents
  • Provides Clients with licensing and bonding information of the Notary (Validation of Notary)
  • Prevents Client’s personal information currently kept in an old-style Notary book from being lost, stolen or misplaced via the secured server.

How It Benefits the Public

Notary Lock benefits the public in several ways:
  • Keeping all Notary Client information in one place (secure server) for easy retrieval if needed on a later date.
  • Makes sure that the Notary is licensed and bonded for the correct amount of the service or transaction that the Notary is about to perform
  • Provides Client with a copy of an informative receipt via email of Notary services performed
  • Avoids potential identity theft from the result of a lost or stolen notary book
  • Cuts down on locating a former notary that performed a service many years earlier, if needed for litigation purposes.
  • Prevents certain types of fraud from unscrupulous former Notaries that have the ability to backdate and Notarize real property Deeds without present owner knowledge.


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